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About us

We thrive on having the best time possible with the members of all costuming communities!


We mainly focus on news about costuming (movies, series, anime, etc.), and the communities around it (Costume design, cosplay, burlesque, steam punk, diesel punk, historical, etc. ).

We want to showcase the best work, the best artisans, and the best YOU possible.



It is all about giving our love back to the communities that all have the same basic DIY roots !



Some stuff you might not know about us !

  • Eating enough to survive 25%
  • Sleeping enough 36%
  • Loving the costuming communities 100%
  • Not being salty at the end of our video games matches 45%
  • Finish costumes on time for conventions 2%

Words from unknown readers

We are having such a great time reading articles on this website, it is awesome! Our Moms

Being awesome moms

I have been crafting  costumes all my life and this site kept me up to date with the different costuming communities.

– Bromance alert

Distant Friend (but still close enough)

Being the bro

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