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Cassidy London

Cassidy is a freelance writer and erotica author. She has been in love with books ever since she can remember, particularly, scandalous steamy romances. Cassidy’s writing aims to provide her readers with the inspiration to spark their very own erotic adventures. When she’s not writing dirty romance, she can also be found masquerading as a coffee (and wine!) drinking suburban mom in Montreal, Canada. To see more of her writing, check out or follow her on Instagram.

Joshua Gray

Joshua is a freelance writer focused on pop-culture and entertainment. His work appears on websites such as Beverly Hills Magazine. Joshua's topics typically involve trends in gaming and Asian entertainment. To learn more, follow him on twitter or his blog.

Makenzie Marshall

Makenzie Marshall is a freelance writer, author of fantasy novels, and costuming enthusiast. Enamoured with the Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Medieval time period, Makenzie wishes daily attire could be "Vikings"-esque. A long-time fan of anime, Makenzie has a history with cosplay, and hopes to partake again someday. Although born and raised in Missouri, she currently lives in Cardiff, Wales with her husband, where she spends her time writing and completing a degree in English Language & Literature.

Nina Sanguinarius

Nina is a cosplayer from Tbilisi, Georgia. Since 2013 she is crafting her favorite character using all the crazy materials she can get in her country, as cosplay culture is not popular in Georgia at all. She dedicates her free time to creating costumes and helps other cosplayers with tips and detailed tutorials. Her main job is a tour coordinator, plus she is a freelance illustrator. She is a huge fan of the fantasy and sci-fi genres. Her favorite game is World of Warcraft and most of the characters she cosplays are from WOW.

Roxanne Nelson

Cosplayer since 2005, Simakai has just been having so much fun and never wanted to stop. After a diploma in pattern-making and some time working in the industry, she started her own sewing business of geek apparel and cosplay commissions. From the simplest projects to the most intricate one, she's willing to help anyone who wants to learn.

Tess Bercan

Tess Bercan is an avid writer, traveler, dog lover, and above all – a soul seeker. She lives in Costa Rica, and is always looking for ways to create a life that feels balanced and in tune, both inside and out. On a sunny day, you’ll find Tess at the beach, sipping on a coconut. Tess’s research and writing has appeared in Spirit Guides Magazine, Elephant Journal, Everyday Diabetes, Green Lifestyle Market, and Think Health Magazine. To see more of her writing, check out, or follow her on Instagram.

Vedin Klovo

Vedin is a young man from Bosnia doing all types of freelance writing in order to improve his English knowledge and to make a living with it. Some of his interests include movies, video games, mobile apps and Web design. On his way to becoming a software engineer and he hopes to utilize his skills to be a positive force for others.

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