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3 Movies with Costumes Made by High Profile Designers


3 Movies with Costumes Made by High Profile Designers


Watching a film is an experience outside of reality. It’s a break from our daily lives, and that’s precisely why we’re drawn to them.

Often, though, audiences watch sci-fi, fantasy, or epically adventurous film without realizing how it all comes together to create the seamless scenarios. But the amount of preparation it takes to produce a well executed film implies enormous behind the scenes work.

One area that is often taken for granted is the costumes.

Little do many of us know, costuming is in actuality an art form in of itself, a high fashion endeavor that entices movie lovers into a welcomed state of belief.

Just look at the new Wonder Woman costume that has surfaced for the release of the 2017 film. It’s a darker, edgier version of the warrior we know as the bright red and gold costume from the original. This fresh look generates a completely different vibe – one that seems to mean sexy combatant business.

Another element of costuming that is often left of the shelf of common knowledge is who designs them. Surprisingly though, it’s often many high profile designers, such as Prada and Coco Chanel – go figure.

Here are the top 3 Films with outfits designed by A listers:

1. Armani dressed the American Gigolo (1980)

Who can forget the iconic attire of Mila Jovavich in Luc Besson’s, The Fifth Element?

The gold pants, white crop top, and bamboozling but attention grabbing orange wraparound piece, have been copied for many Halloweens – but not with quite the same intrigue of the original.

Along with Jovavich’s apparel, Jean Paul Gaultier (the iconic designer) was the one to create costumes for all of The Fifth’s Element’s leading protagonists: Bruce Willis, Chris Tucker, and Gary Oldman.

Just so the rest of the cast didn’t feel left out, Gaultier created over 1000 costumes for the film, including duds for the extras as well.

2. Jean Paul Gaultier Outfitted The Fifth Element (1997)

Playing Julian Kaye (a high class escort), the 1980 film, American Gigolo, Richard Gere looks like perfection in every single shot.

It’s no wonder as he is a beautiful man who could wear a paper sack and look hot. But it helps that his character is also obsessive to a fault about his appearance.

To top this off, Mr. Georgio Armani was the tag on many of Gere’s suits. Armani being known for its classic, clean, and luxurious look was scrumptiously suited for the sultry Gere’s role.

3. Yves Saint Laurant Robed Belle Du Jour (1967)

An edgy film for the time, Belle Du Jour tells the tale of unhappy housewife (Catherine Deneuve), who moonlights in a high-class brothel to quench her sexual appetite.

A role and a time that called for a look that was subversive, but maintained subtlety, called for the vision and design of the luxury brand designer Yves Saint Laurant.

Throughout the film, Deneuve wears white lace lingerie that maintains a pristine delicacy. In her out-of-the-bedroom attire, she is found in cropped jackets and knee-length skirts.

Her respectable look is defied by her rebellious actions and Laurant captured the contrasted mood perfectly.

Needing some more inspiration? Check out also Prada’s costume design for The Great Gatsby, and Rodarte for Black Swan.


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