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The 4 Best Low-Budget Cosplay Costumes


The 4 Best Low-Budget Cosplay Costumes


Cosplayers and costumes that you see around you and on the Internet, TV, and other media sources, usually look amazing. Some cosplays even look better than the character they were trying to represent. This is all incredible, but it can intimidate some people who are not able to invest a lot of money in their costume. Skills can only help you so far, but high-quality cosplays usually require a lot of money to pair with your skills.

However, things are not so gray after all. It is quite possible to come up with a low-budget cosplay on your own, and we are here to make sure you feel more comfortable after reading this article. If you are skillful, and if you have a significant amount of time to dedicate to your cosplay, we are sure that you will look just like professional cosplayers.

These cosplays are generally accepted by a wider audience, and you will be able to find a lot of tutorials online about how to come up with them yourself. We are here to present our top list of best low-budget cosplays, along with photos to check them out, so that you can make them yourself.

1. Misa Amane of Death Note

Misa (as seen above) is the sexy, witty and cute female character in the Death Note Series. You can use your craft in cosplaying with this Lolita fashion. Misa is the epitome of grace and fashion with her Lolita-like appearance.

As a costume, the fashion statement of Misa would be a good mixture of rock star singer mixed with being extremely cute and energetic. If you go for this option, be prepared to find a lot of wigs, since this Death Note character would frequently change her wigs for the purposes of fashion and to change her identity for varying reasons.

What you need for this cosplay is basically every girl’s locker equipment. Start off with a white shirt and a red decoration on top. What should follow, is a short black skirt which looks awesome in stark contrast to the shirt. Apart from that, you should wear long, striped, black and white socks. When it comes to hair color, any color can do, but you should  try to pull off an eye-catching color. As for cost, it all depends on how cheaply you can find these items. You might even own some of these so you can save some money.

One splurge you may want to consider, is going to a professional makeup artist.

2. Ash Ketchum

Continue to aspire and turn your dreams into reality as you become a Pokémon Master, like Ash.

You can definitely cosplay Ash if your costume includes a red cap, blue pants, and a blue suit that has a collar and short sleeves. Don’t forget to match it up with red shoes and black hand guards. With all of these items, you are good to go. You will be ready to attend and battle with your fellow Pokémon trainers, and of course, to train your Pokémon. Furthering the economical factor of this Cosplay, is its versatile, and can be for both kids and adults.

Feel the vibe of being a real Cosplay master and a master of adventures, dressed as Ash Ketchum. Armed with this awesome character’s popularity and the above description, you can expect a great experience.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t find the same exact suit that Ash wears, because more than just the details, it’s about how you decide to showcase his persona. And one more thing, be sure to find a toy Pikachu and find a way to make it stand on your shoulder.

3. Link from The Legend of Zelda

Link is courageous, humble, and brave. His goal is to save the kingdom along with other tasks for which he is destined to achieve.

The great news is that you are able to make this costume at home with only a bit of shopping to do. You can complete his cosplay by wearing a brown wig, a big green shirt, and don’t forget the headpiece.  Try making his weapon and the tools he uses in the game.

You will also need several shirts to make this costume work. Start with a lightweight shirt for underneath, and after that, continue with a long black shirt, and top it off with a green one. Try cutting leather sleeves for the lower part of your arms. He should also wear a black leather belt and a black fanny pack. To really get this costume right, remember your brown boots, and it’s important that your green shirt does not completely cover your black shirt. You should also pay attention to small details, such as creating a true-to-form hand-made sword and shield.

The above tips, a flexible mind, and a player with good decision-making skills should be enough to portray this brave little character.

3. Spirit from Soul Eater

Spirit is also known as Death Scythe. He was turned into a Death Scythe by his ex-wife, and he is the most powerful one in the world. A notorious womanizer, divorce ensued in his marriage. He enjoys being around women and he sometimes expresses this at the academy. However, at the same time, he loves his job and he regrets cheating on his wife.

If you want to Cosplay this special character, conveniently, you can break the black suit out of your closet. All together, you will need a black jacket, black pants, and a black tie in the shape of a cross. There are also two black crosses on the collar of his green shirt. Your main challenge might come in the form of achieving his hair color, which is red or dark red. Since he also rocks long hair with bangs, you should consider buying a proper wig in order to fully nail his appearance.

Pro tip: Flirt with girls, especially if you are at a convention, so that you fully embrace and portray the character.


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