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Andy Rae – One of the best in the Business


Andy Rae – One of the best in the Business


Cosplayers are one of the reasons we find out about some old TV series, anime shows, and movies. First, you see a great cosplay of a character unknown to you. You read the name of the character and the show and decide to do a little research and BAM! You found a new show to watch!

Andy Rae was also featured in Cosmakers Series, make sure to check it out!


Andy Rae is a costume designer from small-town British Columbia, Canada. She has been cosplaying for three years and has become totally immersed in the amazing cosplay community, making so many close friends along the way. Let’s take a look at some of her best cosplays!

Hanzo (from Overwatch)

If you ever played Overwatch, you will quickly notice how cool this costume looks. Andy Rae chose Hanzo to cosplay because it’s her favorite character and she definitely enjoys playing Overwatch because she claims how she spent countless nights playing.

Snow White (inspired by Disney)

This Snow White battle princess armor was thought was and designed by Andy Rae, making it feel extra special and unique!

Death Knight (from World of Warcraft)

At the BlizzCon last year, Andy played a noble and icy Death Knight. The bluish cosplay goes well with her pale skin tone and the overall vibe is fierce as hell.

DIABLO 3 Barbarian Cosplay

Her cosplay for a barbarian from DIABLO 3, we can honestly say that she looks absolutely badass! The picture lighting highlights her red hair so well and we love it!

Blood Elf Paladin (from World of Warcraft)

As you have been able to conclude, Andy Rae is a big fan of World of Warcraft. There is a large variety of different characters to cosplay and Andy Rae chose the Paladin for this amazing cosplay.

Harley Quinn (from Suicide Squad)

This  Harley Quinn cosplay is definitely well made and accurate! She nailed the pose and overall attitude of Harley Quinn!

Another Harley Quinn (from Batman: Arkham Asylum)

We definitely had to put this Harley costume because she looks perfect with her amazing outfit, makeup, and her dangerous gaze to spark anyone’s attention.

Katarina (from League of Legends)

Katarina seems to be one of the favorite League of Legends champions among cosplayers and needless to say, she made it better than anyone would be able to.

Baby Doll (from Sucker Punch)

Emily Browning is also known as Baby Doll in the movie called sucker punch and she is a young woman who wants to escape from the asylum. Andy’s cosplay envisions her with a sword and doing a powerful battle posture.

Juliet Starling (from Lollipop Chainsaw)

Juliet uses her chainsaw in order to kill zombies and she manages to remain cute and playful throughout the video game, just like our Andy.


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