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Author: Cassidy London

A Cosplayer’s Guide to a Sexy Scavenger Hunt

It’s almost here! That one day of the year when we make crazy impulse purchases by the dozen. The day that we desperately try to woo our mate (or potential mate) into a debaucherous evening of love. No, it’s not sale day on your favorite cosplay website 😉 It’s Valentine’s Day! Instead of the typical this year, let’s aim to be unique! Cosplayers by definition are a unique group of people. A community that thrives in a world of make-believe and masquerade. So why should our Valentine’s Day be like everyone else’s? The answer is simple. It shouldn’t. So...

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Sexy Cosplay Resolutions

Resolutions….seriously? Yep, I’m serious! Now, I know that January 1st has come and gone but that’s what makes this the perfect time to set some hard core cosplay resolutions! Let’s face it…if you’re like most people, you’ve already set and broken those typical resolutions like going to the gym regularly, eating healthier or being on top of your finances etc… you know, all the boring stuff 😉 That’s why the end of January is a great time to make yourself feel better about those stuffy broken resolutions with some super fun and sexy ones, that you’ll actually want to...

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12 Days of Sizzling Christmas Cosplay

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” has once again begun ringing in our ears. Everyone is busily scurrying around to get gifts, food, and decorations. The typical holiday spirit is alive and well! Nice right? But what about those of us to whom typical also sounds a little boring? If that sounds like you, then you are officially challenged to spice up your holiday in a more creative way than with just spiced rum in your eggnog 😉 Here’s a little help to get you started. Day 1: Write your list and check it twice Take a...

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Dressing Up Your Kink

Generally as soon as someone says “kink”, people get a little uncomfortable. Thing is, everyone has a kink or two, but people tend to be a little reserved when it comes to sharing part of our sexuality. What’s your KINK? First off, let’s just differentiate between a kink and a fetish. In the most simple of terms, a kink is a type of activity that turns you on and enhances your sexual experience. Whereas a fetish is something that you absolutely need in order to be turned on. So for the purpose of this article, kinks are what we’re...

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Bringing Cosplay into Your Bedroom This Halloween

Everyone has a secret sexual fantasy. For some guys, it might be about having their way with Wonder Woman. Perhaps just the idea of bringing that powerful Amazonian down to her knees makes your jeans feel a little tighter. Ladies, maybe being taken by a medieval knight who has fought for the honor of your virtue is more your style. Either way, whatever tickles your fancy, Halloween is a great time to explore this side of your sexuality by bringing cosplay into your bedroom. If opening up this type of conversation would normally make you squirm with embarrassment (and...

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