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Author: Tess Bercan

Body Shaming in Cosplay

Cosplay is a community unlike any other. In its very nature, it’s about embracing who you really are and expressing that individuality through your costume choice. Maybe you are drawn to Wonder Woman because you admire her strength and abilities, and feel inspired by her. Maybe you are drawn to Wolverine because you feel a bit like an outsider from “normal” society, but underneath that, respect his badass abilities that set him apart from the typical hero. Or maybe you just really want to dress up as your favorite Pokémon character because it’s a childhood favorite. Whatever your fancy,...

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3 Types of Cosplay FOMO, and How to Beat Them

For many, growing up, Halloween was a favorite time of year. There was something tangibly exciting about getting to dress up as your favorite, animal, character, or fantasy creature once a year. Not only did you get the fun of choosing a costume, but organizing all the details (like make up and accessories) were part and parcel in the thrill of Halloween. The anticipation of waiting to go out and collect candy in your favorite costume was all together, too exciting for many to handle. The good news for a lot of dress up fans is that with cosplay...

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4 American Horror Story Costumes that You Can and Should Do

Whether it’s Halloween, a mystery murder party, or a costume convention, why not consider going as one the many creepy, yet all together enthralling characters from TV show American Horror Story? Anyone who has given this show a fair shake knows how the characters and plot twists continually keep audiences on edge and fully engaged in the never ending spooky events. American Horror Story (produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk) is an anthology-based show. Meaning that each season is its own miniseries that follows a specific set of characters, a unique setting, and an individual plot line. The...

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How to Control Stress During the Cosplay Rush

Cosplay is fun, invigorating, and a challenge that feels great to succeed at. When it cames to Jessica Nigri’s Sindragosa costume, it took her day after day of arduous and grueling warbla molding. In the video tutorial that she made on how she made the costume, she mentions several times throughout that it was an intense process that pretty much had her losing her mind at some points. But in the end, Nigri’s efforts paid off. Her Sindragosa costume looks incredible, and she absolutely had an end product to feel immensely proud of. In short, her cosplay was so...

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Queen Elizabeth II in Jeans: Costume Designer of Netflix Show (The Crown), Michele Clapton Explains All

Have you seen the historical drama, The Crown? If not, the visual appeal alone of this drama’s costumes is worth your time. In a recent review, costume designer Michele Clapton discussed the balancing act that is required when designing pieces for historical shows. It’s a difficult act to engage audiences in a way that doesn’t distract but still offers historical accuracy – and sometimes, one side needs to outshine the other. This is precisely why Clapton opted to stray away from the history books (slightly) so that she could entirely engage drama watchers. Why wasn’t she able to completely...

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