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Author: Joshua Gray

The Magical Girls of Madoka

If you’re a fan of the magical girl anime genre smartphones, you might feel left out when you find out it’s exclusive to Japan. But what if we said westerners do not need to miss out on all the fun. That’s right, if you’ve been following us, you know we’re all about the costumes. So, to celebrate the launch of this mobile game, we’re listing our favorite Madoka Magica cosplays. Get your sparkles and heart wands ready because these magical girl cosplays are ready to change the world with the power of love. What is Madoka and Its Mobile...

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Being a Burlesque Professional Is No Cake Walk (Find Out Why)

Have you ever watched a burlesque routine and thought, “I could totally do that.” Those who have tried, most likely realized that there’s far more to a burlesque dance than prancing and removing clothes. In fact, burlesque routines often involve the work and choreography of trained dancers. And dancers tend to rank on par with athletes when it comes to pushing their bodies beyond their physical limits to reach new levels of greatness. To the burlesque dancer, this allows the delivery of that perfect, crowd-pleasing performance. With all this in mind, you might have wondered, “What type of training...

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Myanmar’s Thriving World of Cosplay Has Opened Up

When it comes to costuming, we’re betting Myanmar is not the first country to enter your mind. In fact, much of the western world knows nothing about this small Asian nation. Other than a devastating cyclone from 2008, this part of the world rarely breaks news. Why does this country seem so distant from the world? Part of the problem involves Myanmar’s governance under military rule until 2011. This prevented information from travelling to and from the outside world. So only recently did news and entertainment from other countries enter Myanmar. Thankfully, a rise in media also means a...

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The World’s Most Insane Comic Cons

Think about the beautiful start of July: the birds singing, the sun shining, and of course, it’s the start of comic con season. Fans of comics, video games, anime, and all things geek can look forward to these upcoming months. Some of the world’s most insane conventions occur at this time. Today, let’s take a look at the best comic cons in the world. These include events with high profile celebrities, great cosplay, and hype for upcoming shows and games. Continue reading to learn why these conventions separate themselves from others across the globe. 4. New York Comic Con...

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Artists, Cosplayers, and the Law

Are you sick of people laughing at you, telling you your cosplay hobby will get you nowhere in life? This is an issue most cosplayers face at some point—very few outsiders tend to see any practical potential in this art. Yet those of us who design costumes understand how the hobby provides plenty of job opportunities. On the one hand, cosplay provides skills for obvious careers such as fashion/ design and special effects makeup for films. But, at the same time, some options might not seem so overt. For example, did you know that the criminal justice sector is...

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