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Author: Nina Sanguinarius

Foam Armor – Tips for Beginners

“Foam – my best friend” Crafting is a fantastic way to forget about the life routine. Crafting helps me to relax and focus on something amazing, forget about the common problems. Creating the costume of your favorite character is always fun, doesn’t matter how skilled you are. Cosplay is for everyone! Have you always wanted to bring your favorite character to life? Well, that’s possible and I want to share the tips that might be useful in building your first set of awesomeness.  Choose the character wisely Check online if there are any tutorials, as it is your first...

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Prop making – Beginners

We have discussed the armor making process, how to use foam and make good-looking armor with cheap materials, but what is the costume without props? Almost all characters from games have some accessories and weapons. Let’s speak about how to create realistic props, based on cheap materials and even use the EASY trick to add some lightning into wands. Project base on Jaina Proudmoore staff –  World of Warcraft This can be easily modified to create many different projects! Introducing the list of materials: Water pipe PVC sheet Thin EVA foam (yoga mat) Transparent food container or a bucket (I...

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Body positivity – Cosplay has no body type

Cosplay – it is such a good way to be someone else for a moment, someone who you admire and always wanted to be or look like. So many brilliant characters of different gender, weight, height, age, and race. However, there are some “policies” in cosplay community that make you think twice before trying to craft the character you like so much. Let’s discuss the characters from video games. As an illustrator, concept artist, gamer and cosplayer I admit that most of the characters from the video games are “idealized”, like the retouched models on the covers of the...

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