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Author: Roxanne Nelson

How to get started with commissions

Cosplay has become much bigger in the recent years, to the point it’s now a real industry. It’s a hobby with a lot of money and skills involved! After you develop your skills enough, you may want to turn them into a source of money, and start taking commissions. This article will give some advice to people who would like to get started into this cosplay commissions business, based on my experience. Start early Costuming involves a lot of different skills. Sewing being one of them of course, but also wig styling, jewelry, props making (with wood, foam, thermoplastics,...

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Tutorial: How to make PomPom!

Just in time for the Holidays, I’m offering this little tutorial on how to make a fur or wool fabric pompom! Many Christmas-themed costumes have some pompoms, but the ones you will find in the store won’t always match the fur you bought. Why not make them yourself, so you’re sure of the whole look? 🙂 Let’s begin! Difficulty level: easy First, cut two circles of the fur or wool fabric you’ll be using. In this case, I used fabric wool. The size can vary, just think that it will be a little smaller when finished. The circles can...

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Few tips to improve store-bought costume

While I’m on a post-con cosplay break, I’ll also take a breather from talking about sewing techniques but that won’t stop me from writing! So let’s talk about something different but still cosplay-related: how to improve the costume you bought! Why not?!   Nowadays, it’s easy to buy a full costume for a decent price, and there’s nothing wrong with that- as long as you don’t pretend you did it yourself. There are many reasons to buy premade: sometimes fabrics with specific print are just impossible to find in store; it’s made in a material you’re not used to...

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Introduction to pattern modification : The collars and neckline (beginner)

Since we have covered many of the basics now, I will teach you a little bit about my speciality: pattern-making! As we’re still doing beginner level, it will be about making modifications to existing patterns, specifically collars and neckline! After all they are often something you will want to modify on an existing pattern as every school or military uniform in japanese anime has it’s little quirks. Let’s try to uncover some mysteries in there.   Where to start First, as you would do for any design reproduction, you need to analyze it! Here are the most important things...

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Sewing: Basic Tips

Before we get to costuming-specific tips, let’s cover a few general sewing tips that will really, REALLY pay off on the long term. Master the seam ripper This little tool is not your enemy, it’s your friend. The poor thing always gets so much hate. Even the most advanced seamstresses will unsew pieces from time to time. It happens to me at least once per project, even if I’m being careful. So here are some tricks I’ve learned over time that will hopefully help you master this very useful little tool. Use the sharp edge to unsew the first...

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