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Author: Vedin Klovo

Maki Roll – Exotic Cosplayer-turned-Burlesque

Sexy cosplayers come from all around the world and they started cosplaying as a hobby, knowing that they can use their costume crafting skills along with their sexy bodies to attract a large audience and gather their own personal fan base. They are awesome and they are the reason we do this articles! Biography Maki Roll is a cosplayer, entertainer, and model from the United States and she is just amazing. She is currently more of a burlesque performer and a gogo dancer but her cosplays deserve a spotlight considering how amazing and sexy they are. She is 24...

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Photographer Series 16 (PakuPaku Ru Photography)

Cosplay is generally a new art form where anyone can craft their own costume and dress up as their favorite character from any fictional show in existence (including movies, TV shows, video games, and anime). This is a great way for people to feel more alive by pretending to be something else, and they can feel free knowing that they have to stay in character in order to pull of their cosplay. Photography is an art form which goes along with cosplay, because cosplayers need someone to get their best angle and add a new dimension to their cosplay....

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Photographer Series 15 (Muze’s Photography)

Finding a good photographer is vital if you want everyone to see the best of your cosplay in the best possible light. The right photo has been known to launch cosplayers into fame.. A photographer’s job is not an easy one, and it requires a lot of creativity and a lot of brainstorming. Cosplay photography is even more challenging because it requires a lot of research and knowledge on the subject at hand. Let’s take a look at the best of the best when it comes to cosplay. Muze’s Photography Muze is a cosplay photographer based in South California,...

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Photographer Series 14 (Lama.Studio)

Photography is an amazing art form. You take pictures of something around you, something everyone can see but you present it in a way to make everyone feel amazed because you need that something extra to make your photo different. A good photographer needs to possess several skills in order to become a professional. They need to be patient and highly communicative in order to make their models realize what it is that they want them to do. They need to be creative and come up with different ideas for each photo. Let’s take a look at some of...

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Photographer Kristy CHE – Series 13

Cosplay and photography always go together and every cosplayer needs to have professional pictures of them so that they can publish it to their social media accounts and get recognition. In order to hit it big, their photos need to be taken and edited carefully and the photographer needs to have a lot of experience regarding costumes and cosplay. Each cosplay is different and its origin is in a different universe and each photographer should somehow get to know that universe before the photo-shoot in order to adjust the setting to the character that’s being cosplayed. Let’s take a...

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