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Author: Vedin Klovo

Jean WanWan – An Angel Face

Cosplaying usually starts out as a hobby because it just seems amazing. Young people go to cons all around the world and they notice a lot of people walking around dressed as their favorite characters and this makes want to start cosplaying. A lot of them can ever earn money while doing it, making it a perfect hobby! Biography Jean WanWan is a beautiful cosplayer who is quite active with her cosplays. She does new cosplays regularly and you can even gain access to some more personalized content and cosplays by supporting her work on Patreon. Let’s have a...

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Saku Ayaka – Japanese Perfection

Cosplaying has taken over the world and cosplayers from all around the world gather at cons and showcase their costume crafting skills along with their passion. Cosplaying was originally thought of as a nerdy thing but a lot of sexy models decided to cosplay and promote this form of art! Biography Saku Ayaka is a stunning Japanese cosplayer who is definitely not ashamed of her perfect body. She does a lot of beautiful, revealing cosplays and we love her! She has her own website for you to check out and don’t forget to take a look at her best cosplays...

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Portrait of a cosplayer : Kenneth “Lilaeroplane” Cosplay

Sexy male cosplayers are a new trend in the cosplaying industry and they have definitely brought some fresh air in this business with their fit bodies and new character we haven’t seen before by the female community. They deserve as much attention and coverage as sexy female cosplayers so let’s see what Kenneth Cosplay is all about! Biography Kenneth “Lilaeroplane” comes from Singapore and his favorite hobbies include cosplaying and gaming. He works at Universal Studios Singapore as a performer and he freelances as a model. He is a major anime fan and a hardcore gamer. His favorite games...

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Photographer Series 25: (Tatiana Michurina )

Photographers are definitely a treasure of our world because they spend a lot of time coming up with amazing photos which you can find everywhere, from newspapers and magazines, to books and the Internet. A right photo can sometimes change the world and great photographers definitely made some people famous, especially entertainers whose goal is to look good for the camera while they are doing their thing. Cosplay photographers, on the other hand, chose to take photos of amazing cosplayers in their respective costumes and they do their best to make the whole scene look just like the original...

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Pugoffka – Cosplayer and Photographer

Cosplaying and photography cannot go without each other because cosplayers will always need photography in order to make themselves more popular among their audience. It goes without saying that photographers need to invest a lot of hard work in order to receive high-quality photos in the end. Biography Pugoffka is a very creative cosplayer and a photographer from Kiev, Ukraine. She is participating in a lot of cons as a judge, special guest, and cosplayer. She has over 450 cosplay photo shoots under her belt and many gorgeous cosplays! She is an amazing cosplayer and brilliant photographer but for this...

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