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Author: Vedin Klovo

Misa Chiang – The Cutest Cosplayer Ever

You don’t have to be a fan of a certain show, movie, or a video game in order to enjoy a well-crafted cosplay made by beautiful girls and handsome guys just for your entertainment. We are certain that this next cosplayer is going to make you a fan of a lot of different shows once you see how amazing she is! Biography Misa Chiang is a world renowned Cosplayer from Taiwan. Since cosplaying in the year 2010, she has been to over 30 events as a guest of honor and cosplay judge from all over the world (including many...

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Portrait of a Cosplayer: Lisa Lou Who

Some cosplayers will simply make you say “wow” every time you see one of their new pictures. They are able to showcase their perfect bodies in a different way than, let’s say, a model because it’s both the costume and the girl that grab your attention. You will definitely experience this with Lisa Lou Who! Biography Lisa Lou Who is a gorgeous cosplayer from Minnesota, United States and she makes her own costumes for her fans to see. She has won several awards and she claims how she loves playing video games, costuming and, of course, food. Let’s see...

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We should all thank skilled cosplayers for the fact that they managed to make the whole “nerdy” industry become mainstream. Cons are now being held all over the world where cosplayers come and they promote their new costumes. Let’s check out this Japanese beauty! Biography Ely Cosplay is a famous Japanese cosplayer with a long history of successful cosplays behind her. She has collaborated with many famous cosplayers and she is constantly coming up with new costume concept which she designs herself. She loves her cats and she is constantly posting pictures of them. Let’s take a look some...

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Photographer Series 24: Steeve Li Photography

This series was started for people who enjoy looking at amazing photographers made by some highly skilled photographers who have chosen cosplay photography over other photography forms and they pursued their hobby by working together with some amazing cosplayers who definitely know how to pose for the right photo in the right cosplay. On the other hand, it’s the photographer who needs to know just what kind of a photo suits the particular cosplay and they always edit their photos properly in order to emphasize certain effects and features of the cosplay at hand. Let’s take a look at...

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Portrait of a cosplayer: Jayem Sison

It’s amazing what cosplayers can do when they manage to sit down and craft a couple of amazing cosplays about their favorite characters. Don’t be fooled thinking that this process is easy because it’s most definitely not. It requires a lot of thinking and a lot of skills when working with different materials. Let’s see what Jayem Sison is all about! Biography Jayem Sison is one of the most popular male cosplayers and he is famous among many circles other than cosplaying. His cosplays are unique and he has that alternative type of appearance which does wonders with the...

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