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A Cosplayer’s Guide to a Sexy Scavenger Hunt


A Cosplayer’s Guide to a Sexy Scavenger Hunt


It’s almost here! That one day of the year when we make crazy impulse purchases by the dozen. The day that we desperately try to woo our mate (or potential mate) into a debaucherous evening of love. No, it’s not sale day on your favorite cosplay website 😉 It’s Valentine’s Day!

Instead of the typical this year, let’s aim to be unique! Cosplayers by definition are a unique group of people. A community that thrives in a world of make-believe and masquerade. So why should our Valentine’s Day be like everyone else’s? The answer is simple. It shouldn’t. So let’s delve deeper into how we can add some special accents and accessories to make it more exclusive to this awesome community.


First of all, Valentine’s Day is a great time to either celebrate your mutual love of cosplay with your partner or convince your partner of it’s delights! How you ask? Well, with the same vision and creativity that goes into making a costume. Find a theme or character and let your imagination run wild! A great way to do this is with a game. Therefore…I give you the cosplayer’s guide to a sexy scavenger hunt!

Scavenger hunts are pretty common and very popular at conventions. It’s a great icebreaker and really helps set the mood. So let’s use this idea as a base for a more seductive version, in the hopes that it can lead you to an evening of mind-blowing fornication!

First some play options…choose wisely lovers!

Player 1

Compile this sexy scavenger hunt list and gift it to your partner. They would have a certain time period in which to complete it and would be required to text you selfies-nude or clothed selfies, your call 😉 along the way as proof of compliance.

Multiple players

Prefer to have some mutual fun? You can both do it on your own but sext the pictures to each other throughout the day, leading up to your date.


Love Game of Thrones? Prefer anime? Whatever your thing is, know that you can apply it to your scavenger hunt. Doing so makes your scavenger hunt unique to you and your partner.


Award a specific number of points to each item on the list. Points can be representative of sexual acts. At the end of the hunt, tally them up and enjoy bestowing your gifts upon each other!

Items to retrieve

#1 New costume item that is outside of your typical comfort zone. Perhaps something that straddles the line between feeling sexy and feeling embarrassed.  – 5 POINTS

#2 New sex toy purchased from a local sex shop -yes they are not as common as they used to be since the world went online, but they are still around if you look 😉 The reason for making this an in-person purchase is to up the difficulty level. Everyone can purchase a Kong-sized butt plug online, but can you really do it in person without blushing? – 10 POINTS

#3 Take a selfie in your favorite cosplay costume in an outdoor setting. Could be required to either print the actual picture or text a digital version. – 3 POINTS

#4 Candles -either to set the mood or in case you decide to engage in wax play later on (for wax play be sure to purchase soy-based massage oil candles) – 5 POINTS

#5 Ice bucket -to chill the wine and for temperature play 😉 – 2 POINTS

#6 Photo of your love den set up with all the items on the list and you on the bed in costume or naked with only the accessories, ready to play. – 5 POINTS

Et voila! Once you are together, tally up the points and the games will really begin! Stay safe and keep it sexy this Valentine’s day cosplayers!


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