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Crystal Graziano – American Beauty


Crystal Graziano – American Beauty


Cosplayers helped popularize the industry everyone considered geeky until a couple of years ago. However, today comics have taken over the world and superhero blockbusters are the movies everyone can’t wait to see. Additionally, the anime culture has made its way to the west a long time ago leading to cosplaying reaching its prime popularity.


Crystal Graziano is a beautiful and skilled American cosplayer who makes her own costumes. She is also a brilliant artist, with various digital art subjects, you should check out her gallery, they are also available in her Etsy store! She usually cosplays characters from franchises she loves and enjoys and you will definitely find a lot of different characters you wanted to see when you opened this article. Enjoy!

Poison (from Street Fighter/Final Fight)

This Poison cosplays are always a treat to see and Crystal’s costume is spot on and her pose look amazing!

Major Motoko Kusanagi (from Ghost in the Shell)

Major Motoko is the main character in the anime and manga series called Ghost in the Shell. Crystal’s amazing looks like it was taken right out of an anime with her amazing figure and purple hair.

Ivy (from Soul Calibur)

Crystal made this Ivy cosplay all by herself and it definitely looks complex. However, the end result is amazing and attractive with the color purple dominating.

Black Cat (from Marvel Universe)

Black Cat’s real name is Felicia Hardy and she went from a burglar to a crime fighter when she fell in love with Spider-Man. Crystal recycled her Black Widow’s costume to make this one and the result is perfect!

Solid Snake (from Metal Gear franchise)

Solid Snake is definitely one of the most beloved characters of all time but this time we get to see a badass female version of him!

Commander Shepard – Biotic God (from Mass Effect franchise)

Crystal is the queen of gender-bended characters but this time with  Shepard from Mass Effect a female version already existed!  The suit and the photo effects look so realistic!

Black Widow (from Marvel Universe)

Crystal’s redhead Black Widow is definitely a major competition to Scarlett Johansson but we cheer for Crystal simply because she made the costume herself!

Power Girl (from DC Universe)

Crystal claims that this costume was pretty easy to assemble and she definitely knows how to wear it properly. This is definitely the best version of Power Girl because of Crystal’s amazing curves!

Poison Ivy (from DC Universe)

Poison Ivy is a popular cosplaying choice among cosplayers with her famous red hair and a green costume. Crystal definitely looks amazing since red hair matches her pale skin in an awesome way.

Cammy White (from Street Fighter)

I decided to save my favorite cosplay for the last in order to prepare you mentally. This Cammy White cosplay is so simple yet so accurate. Her pose is very playful and seductive, a side we sure love to see!


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