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Drefan Cosplay – An Athlete Turned Cosplayer


Drefan Cosplay – An Athlete Turned Cosplayer


Cosplaying definitely sounds like the perfect hobby because of the fact that people enjoy doing it and they get to meet plenty of new people and even become famous for what they do. Cosplayers gather at cons, they exchange ideas and they collaborate with other people in order to become better. Let’s check out another cosplayer!


Drefan has been an avid gamer and sportsman since he was 7. After he got certain injuries at 21 he was forced to quit competitive sports, and that was when he started cosplaying. He enjoys working alone without taking part in any competitions or organizations but he has become famous for what he does.

Thor (from Marvel Universe)

Thor is such an amazing hero and he is quite popular among the female audience because of Chris Hemsworth. This cosplay is perfect and Drefan even sort of looks like Chris.

Bane (from DC Universe)

This awesome photo depicts Bane and Catwoman fighting over a Batman shirt. It looks like they are fighting over Batsy with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn watching. Just an awesome photo!

Venom (from Marvel Universe)

The entire Venom vs. Spiderman photoshoot is amazing so please check out more photos related to it. It’s amazing how Drefan came up with such a perfect Venom mask.

Buff Wolverine (from Marvel Universe)

Wolverine has never looked so buff with enormous muscles and a lot of facial hair. This photo is taken from an alternative universe where Wolverine becomes a fitness enthusiast and decides to grow his muscles even more.

Superman (from DC Comics)

This photo was taken on a rooftop and the scene is just so realistic and it looks like it was taken from a movie. We wouldn’t be surprised if Superman just began flying and shooting lasers.

Kratos (from God of War)

This photo was taken way back in the days and Drefan claimed he won’t do another Kratos cosplay before he gets back to this perfect shape. The photo looks like a game cover!

Guile (from Street Fighter series)

Every Guile cosplayer needs to be buff and needs to be able to pull off a hairstyle like this one. This amazing fighting scene looks great and Vaxzone helped create it with her fighting skills.

Resident Evil Alternate Costumes

Drefan thought of a creative way to renew the Resident Evil costumes and remove all the armor and military stuff and take the series way back.

Ryu (from Street Fighter series)

This cosplay is based on one of Ryu’s new looks in Street Fighter V and he has definitely matured over the years. Now he looks twice as strong as he did and the facial hair makes him look way more serious.

Braum (from League of Legends)

A lot of people thought that this is a 3D model of Braum but it’s actually Drefan looking as strong as ever!

Even more amazing cosplays on his website! Link down below!

Picture credit

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Venom: Picture source –  Cosplayer  or Twitter

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Cosplayer Website: FBTwitter


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