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Dressing Up Your Kink


Dressing Up Your Kink


Generally as soon as someone says “kink”, people get a little uncomfortable. Thing is, everyone has a kink or two, but people tend to be a little reserved when it comes to sharing part of our sexuality.

What’s your KINK?

First off, let’s just differentiate between a kink and a fetish. In the most simple of terms, a kink is a type of activity that turns you on and enhances your sexual experience. Whereas a fetish is something that you absolutely need in order to be turned on.

So for the purpose of this article, kinks are what we’re looking at.

Some common kinks include, bondage, group sex, voyeurism and role play. Now, you may be wondering how does this relate to cosplay and the LARP community? Well, it’s a perfect correlation actually!

Maybe you’ve been in the community for quite some time and are well experienced in LARP events, conventions and take great pride in making sure you have the best costumes possible. Well, did you ever realize that your costumes can also be a gateway into a new kink? We all need to spice up our bedroom activities every now and again, so why not introduce something that you’re already familiar with?


Let’s take superheros and villians as an example. Bondage is a perfect fit for this style of cosplay. Rescuing your partner from a tied up situation so you can “save the day” makes for a great hero/heroine scene. Or perhaps it would be more exciting to be the villain who is intent on tying up that lovely lady and keeping her that way while probing her body until she release that coveted information about your arch enemy?

What about a little sci fi? Maybe being taken prisoner by a xenomorph is more your style? In any case, whatever tickles your fancy it’s actually quite likely to work with this kink. The fun part about combining bondage and cosplay is that can help both the dominant and the submissive partner get out of their own headspace and into their role with a bit more ease.

Group Sex

If you’re in a relationship, then this could possibly one of the most taboo kinks on the list. Society tells us that we should only have one partner at a time and although in casual relationships, threesomes and moresomes are definitely more accepted; it’s still not the norm for most people.

However…there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about it and cosplay is a fun way to do this. Say for example you’ve just attended an event with your partner. You’re both dressed in full costume and are still reveling from the amazing time that you had. Now take that feeling and add a little dirty talk to your after dinner routine. Imagine yourselves swapping with Jon Snow and Ygritte or perhaps Cyclops and Mystique! Before you know it, vanilla may no longer be your flavor of the month…

Now of course there are plenty of people in committed relationships who would actually want to take this idea beyond the fantasy. And for those who do, it can be quite the ride (pun intended!) If reality is more your style then by all means seek out those who share your views. Just imagine an orgy of filled with your favorite sexy anime characters!

So whether you and your partner keep this as a fantasy within the privacy of your relationship or you decide to venture out and invite others into your bedroom; either way you can definitely dress up this kink.


This kink is a pretty standard one as humans love to watch each other. We watch celebrities and reality tv, we consume social media at an insane pace and we spend hours of time absorbing the comings and going of other people doing their own thing. Essentially, we are constant voyeurs.

Now let’s take that fun and elevate it! Every watch the huntress disrobe from an undisclosed spot in the woods? Watching her slowly remove one article of clothing at a time until she is naked except for her bow and arrow can be deliciously titillating. Have your partner dress up in costume and perhaps even go to a location that lends itself well to their role. With this type of foreplay, your night of pleasure may be longer than usual!

This kink also that lends itself well to a long distance relationship or travel. FaceTime your partner and place your phone in a spot where you can forget about it. Then go about the room and then let them watch as Princess Leia slowly undresses and eventually pleasure herself for their enjoyment.

Even simply whispering in your partner’s ear how you would have loved to watch her as Harley Quinn on all fours, being taken from behind by the Joker can spark an evening of unusually sexy playtime.

Role Play

This one is may just be the most obvious one. For all the LARP fanatics out there, how many times have you come home from a live event still in the headspace of your character and taken your partner to bed with that in mind? If not, then you are missing out!

Live action role play fanatics are the perfect people to dress up this kink; they are the people who do this all the time! Now it’s about taking that scene and enhancing it. For example; role playing events in full medieval battalion gear can leave you breathless and in need of significant release from your wench. No need to remove the costume and get back to your everyday self. Simply continue the dialogue and let her know to whom she belongs.

If you really want to organize it, you can even write out a scene beforehand and set it up to reflect your innermost desires. This is one kink that is already dressed up!

The fun part about dressing up your kinks is that you can really tailor them to suit you and your partner. Cosplay and LARP are a great fit for bedroom kinks as the imaginary world is where most of our fantasies reside. This is just another fun way to bring them out of the closet and into the limelight. So let loose, have fun and dress up your kink today!


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