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Hikoni Kosupure – Mexican Beauty


Hikoni Kosupure – Mexican Beauty


Sexy cosplayers usually love their hobby and most of them have been able to turn their hobby into something profitable and they get to do what they love doing for the rest of their life. Sexiness is usually overwhelming and we can’t wait to present another sexy cosplayer to you!


Hikoni is a sexy Mexican cosplayer, gamer, cosmaker, and dancer. She is in love with the Oriental culture and stuff like food and music. Additionally, she is a major manga and anime fan and most of her cosplayer are oriented towards it. Let’s take a look at her best work!

Vella (from Vindictus)

Vella is the sixth playable character released in the game and she is able to dual wield Twin Sword. This cosplay represents a more relaxed and playful version of Vella with her pink bikini, striped knee socks, and fluffy gloves and boots.

Rin Kagamine (from Vocaloid)

Vocaloid characters are becoming a popular choice for cosplayers. This one represents the cute Rin Kagamine and we love her sexy outfit with funny ears. Hikoni is just sexy!

Officer Bunny (Original Concept)

This photo is simply amazing and it represents Hikoni cosplaying as a Bunny Officer with her cute fluffy ears and a sexy blue outfit. Hikoni definitely has the face and the body of an angel.

Ahri Academy (inspired by League of Legends)

Taking a League of Legends champion and putting them in various real-life situations sounds quite interesting. Here is Ahri sitting in school in a sexy schoolgirl uniform. We love Hikoni’s legs!

Popstar Ahri (inspired by League of Legends)

Ahri is making a comeback on our list but this time, in a more revealing popstar outfit. Hikoni is just sexy in her lingerie with her awesome blonde hair and fluffy ears!

LeBlanc Bosque Ancestral (from League of Legends)

This is a cosplay of LeBlanc’s new skin called Bosque Ancestral. Hikoni did an amazing job coming up with this complex cosplay all by herself.

Kitty Kat Katarina (inspired by League of Legends)

League of Legends is a gold mine for cosplayers and they sometimes modify LoL champions to their own liking. Take a look at this sexy Kitty Kat Katarina looking amazing!

Sena Kashiwazaki (from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)

This Sena cosplay is just perfect and it depicts an arrogant girl looking for attention because she knows she is both beautiful and sexy.

Himari Takakura (from Penguindrum Stop)

This adorable little cosplay is of Himari from a cute anime. Himari has a calm personality and she is very kind. The cosplay looks so cute with her amazing choice of colors.

D.Va Bunny (inspired by Overwatch)

D.Va is Hikoni’s favorite Overwatch character and it became ours as well after seeing this cosplay. She looks so sexy and curvy in her blue swimsuit wearing ears, headphones and a cute gun.

 Photo credit

Main: Link

Vella: Link

Rin: Link

Bunny: Link

Ahri: Link

PopAhri: Link

Leblanc: Link

Katarina: Link

Sena: Link

Himari: Link

D.Va: Link

Cosplayer webpage: FB    –    Deviantart




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