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LeeAnna Vamp – Your Best Nightmare


LeeAnna Vamp – Your Best Nightmare


There are many different reasons you should keep up with all of the sexy cosplayers who work hard to present you with a sexy, creative costume of your favorite character from an anime, a video game, or a movie. They are a treat for everyone’s eye so take a look at the next one!


LeeAnna Vamp goes by many names. You might know her as the “Ghoul of Your Dreams”, “Your Best Nightmare” or even as the “Queen of the Nerds”. She’s a total nerd at heart growing up loving all the classics from TV, games, music, toys, fashion and is a big fan of the 80’s and its movies. Enjoy her sexiest cosplays!

Lara Croft (from Tomb Raider franchise)

Lara Croft is probably one of the most powerful female gaming characters in the entire history of gaming. If there was a new Tomb Raider movie or a video game, we would love to see LeeAnna in it because she owned this cosplay!

Rick Grimes – female (from The Walking Dead)

A female Rick Grimes is definitely something new but we like everything about this sexy cosplay!

Super Mario

It’s a me! It’s our favorite Italian plumber who was dominating the gaming scene for a very long time. LeeAnna Vamp looks very sexy as Mario and we’re pretty sure Mario would rescue Princess Peach a lot sooner if she looked anything like LeeAnna.

Green Lantern (from DC Universe)

A female Green Lantern in a sexy green bikini is a dream come true and we have to thank LeeAnna for being so hot!

Catwoman (from DC Universe)

Everything about Catwoman sounds sexy and mysterious and the same thing can be said about this Catwoman costume which shows just how curvy LeeAnna actually is.

Walter White (from Breaking Bad)

Walter White is the main character from Breaking Bad and LeeAnna decided to make a female version of him in the same posture as him on the cover. Enjoy!

Freddy Krueger (from A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Frederick Charles “Freddy” Krueger is a character from A Nightmare on Elm Street who haunts people in their dreams. Here we can see the beautiful LeeAnna Vamp portraying his character in a different, sexier way…


LeeAnna did a perfect job coming up with this Maleficent cosplay and we have to say that Angelina Jolie is facing some tough competition when it comes to who wore it better and sexier.

Blood Rain

This cosplay definitely speaks for itself and it’s obvious to see what the “Vamp” in her name stands for. She is wearing nothing but cables and she is rocking a minigun just for fun. Enjoy this perfection of a body!

Mad Max – Road Warrior

LeeAnna just loves recreating movie and TV show posters and we can see her recreating the poster for Mad Max – Road Warrior. Everything is accurate and she definitely knows what attracts attention.


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LeeAnna Vamp – Your Best Nightmare

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