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Photographer Series 20 (Sai Westwood – Misaki Sai Photography)


Photographer Series 20 (Sai Westwood – Misaki Sai Photography)


In order to become a successful cosplay photographer, you need to realize that folks want something they have never seen before all the time. You need to provide something special for them because no one is amazed by looking at something they have already seen. Buying a professional camera and the standard equipment is the first step but probably the easiest if you have the money. You need to be highly motivated and capable of spending a lot of time with your models creating something new. Even when you edit the photo, your job is still not finished because you need to edit and retouch it. Let’s take a look at someone who was able to do this.

Sai Westwood – Misaki Photography

Sai Westwood is a student who currently lives in Odessa, Ukraine. She does her own cosplays but she also loves taking cosplay photos. She is a part of a cosplayband called The Evil League of Evil. She enjoys traveling a lot and she has already visited several countries such as UK, Russia, Japan, Italy, France, etc. She enjoys everything related to Japan such as J-Rock, manga, etc. Let’s take a look at some of her best work so far.

1. Lala Kanokha as Yoon Bum (from Killing Stalkin)

Yoon Bum was lived his life without his deceased parents and, even though he looks quite young, he is actually middle-aged and he is quite short and underweight. This photo definitely looks very powerful with the black color dominating along the red flowers which look like an amazing detail to add to the overall feeling. This is definitely one of the best photos we have seen in a while.

2. Lena Kileso as Krul Tepes (from Owari no Seraph)

Krul Tepes is the former vampire queen of Japan and she is one of the main vampires in this manga. She looks like a preteen in the manga but she is quite pretty and her appearance in the manga is almost identical to this cosplay with her long, pink hair with two pigrails and a black headdress with short horns on her head. The photo looks amazing with its stunning colors and don’t be foolish enough to think that the red liquid in her glass is just wine.

3. Misha Svetov as Ken Kaneki (from Tokyo Ghoul)

Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy manga and anime series which are all about ghouls who possess superhuman senses and strength and they must eat human flesh to survive. They are always hiding from humans and they live underground. Ken Kaneki encountered a ghoul and became a half-ghoul and the story follows his adventures. The cosplayer did an amazing job with this cosplay and his outfit must have been difficult to make.

4. Lala Kanokha as Enchantress (from Suicide Squad)

Cara Delevingne is a beautiful model and actress who portrayed Enchantress in the famous movie Suicide Squad but our cosplayer Lala definitely did an amazing job. Congratulations to the photographer for these amazing effects.

Check out more of her photography and cosplays:

Photo credit:

Main: Link

Yoon Bum: Picture source    –    Cosplayer    or  FB       –    Photographer     or     FB

Krul Tepes: Picture source    –    Cosplayer    or  Link   –    Photographer     or    FB

Ken Kaneki: Picture source   –    Cosplayer    or  Link   –    Photographer     or    FB

Enchantress: Picture source  –    Cosplayer    or FB       –    Photographer     or    FB

All the other:

A2 makeup test: Picture source   – Cosplayer and photographer  or FB

Yuki Kuran: Picture source  – Cosplayer and photographer  or FB  – Instagram

Halloween makeup: Picture source   – Cosplayer and photographer  or FB 

Evangelion: Picture source –  Shinji    –   Rei 

Kendappa-o: Picture source  –  Cosplayer  – FB  or InstagramPhotographer  or Instagram

MUA: Picture sourceCosplayer and photographer  or FBInstagram 

2B: Picture sourceCosplayer  or FBPhotographer

Rose: Picture sourceCosplayer  or FBPhotographer

OC Kitsune: Picture sourceCosplayer  or InstagramPhotographerFB or Instagram

Find her work here: Deviantart  –  FB Instagram  – Link  –  WCosplay

You can support her here: Link



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