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Photographer Series 23 (So Say We All Faramon Photography)


Photographer Series 23 (So Say We All Faramon Photography)


Everyone deserves their work to be recognized and that is exactly what we want to do with this series. After a cosplayer has made their cosplay, they want to find a skilled photographer to showcase their costume in the best way possible. Cosplay photography is all about collaboration since the photographer and the cosplayer need to work together in order to come up with a great photo which is going to attract a lot of attention. Check out another great cosplay photographer below!

So Say We All Faramon Photography

Faramon is a photographer from London, he has a lot of different skills and hobbies, including photography. He is a search engine marketing manager for a website and he uses his free time to takes photos and he sometimes does his own cosplays. We have picked some of his best photos and we are going to show them to you.

His work was featured in  MyM Magazine,  Airsoft Action and he was a finalist for Snapfish Image of the Year Award 2015!

1. Phoebe Quinn Cosplay as Harley Quinn (from Suicide Squad)

Harley Quinn is definitely one of the most cosplayed characters from movies recently and we have to thank the folks in the costume department from the movie Suicide Squad which even won an Oscar for the best costume design. This photo is actually inspired by a scene from the movie and it looks awesome with this sexy Harley Quinn cosplayer.

2. Rayi Cosplay as Alice (from Alice in Wonderland)

Alice in Wonderland is a classic masterpiece both as a book written by Lewis Carroll which was published in 1865. It follows the adventures of the young girl called Alice who follows a rabbit in a hole and ends up in a fantasy world. The photo looks magnificent, and the cosplayer is gorgeous.

3. Rose & Prince as Commander Shepard (from Mass Effect)

Mass Effect franchise is a revolutionary RPG third-person shooter published by EA Games which really revolutionized the genre with the ending depending entirely on the player’s choices throughout the game. This is a female version of the game’s main protagonist, Commander Shepard and we must say that we are impressed both with the costume and the powerful settings chosen by our photographer, Faramon.

4. So Smol Cosplay as El Diablo (from Suicide Squad)

El Diablo is definitely one of the coolest characters in the movie and his backstory is definitely tragic because he ended up killing innocent people because of the fact that he can’t control his fire powers when he gets angry. This is definitely one of the best cosplays we have ever seen with the powerful face tattoos and the fire in his hands inserted by Faramon.

5. Jennssa as Tinkerbell (from Peter Pan)

Tinkerbell is a well-known character from Peter Pan and she is definitely the cutest. However, this is a sexier version by Jennssa but she still looks very cute and charming.

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