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Portrait of a cosplayer: Enako Cosplay


Portrait of a cosplayer: Enako Cosplay


People who think cosplaying is easy should definitely think again and take a look at some of the costumes people come up with simply in order to amaze their fans and draw attention to their favorite anime, video game, or a movie franchise. Cosplayers are sexy, cheerful so take a look at Enako and enjoy!


Enako is a Japanese cosplayer, model, and artist. She is quite popular and she visits various cons each year. She manages to make a living doing what she loves best and people are definitely in love with her work. Let’s take a look at some of her best cosplays!

Floral Bikini (Original Costume)

Enako in her floral bikini is simply amazing to look at and her creativity definitely sparts everyone’s imagination. Cosplayers as beautiful and sexy as she is are a real treasure!

Maid 1 (Original Costume)

Enako definitely loves dressing up as a maid and there are several different variations on the costume made by her. This black and white version was the first one and it’s safe to say that we are intrigued.

Kurisu Makise (from Steins;Gate)

Enako decided to cosplay Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate at the Tokyo Game Show in 2015 and she looks good wearing a shirt and tie along with her coat and a mini-skirt.

Red Hood

Red Hood was always thought of as a little girl but Enako manages to prove that the adult Red Hood is sexy and cute at the same time. Her outfit is awesome and she looks very beautiful in her corset and a skirt.

Maid Cosplay (Original)

Enako decided to wear one of her maid costumes at the WF2015 during the first day and she definitely attracted a lot of attention. The costume is adorable and it matches her gray hair.

Bridget (from Guilty Gear)

The second day of Tokyo Game Show 2015 was a bit more colorful for Enako and she brought out her Bridget cosplay which features bright colors such as blue, yellow, and white.

Bunny Lolita (Original Character)

Bunny Lolita in her ping underwear with a lot of pink accessories and a pink hair sounds quite innocent but Enako looks as sexy as possible in this photo. Her stockings are in the focus as she sits on her bed full of her pink stuff.

Sangokushi Rumble

Sangokushi Rumble is a new iOS game published by Square Enix and Enako decided to do a cosplay inspired by a character from the game. The cosplay is colorful to say the least but we love the colors and her amazing curves.

Harley Quinn (from Suicide Squad)

A Japanese Harley Quinn who looks just as good as Margot Robbie (or even better) is always a treat for everyone’s eyes.

Elizabeth Liones (from Seven Deadly Sins – manga)

The look in her eyes definitely tells a lot and the white background of the photo makes it look more powerful.


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