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Portrait of a cosplayer: GrimmboneZ


Portrait of a cosplayer: GrimmboneZ


Becoming a successful cosplayer is all about talent and being imaginative with your new cosplays. Tons of cosplayers started cosplaying as a hobby which later turned out to be part-time or even a full-time job. That is why you should always pursue your dreams and your talent in order to hit it big. Let’s check out GrimmboneZ


GrimmBonez’ real name is Dan and he lives in Sydney, Australia. He is 28 years old and he is a big fan of everything related to pop culture, comics, gaming, and cosplaying. He is also a podcaster, blogger, and he has a thing for horror movies and games. Let’s check out his best work.

Spider-Man (from Marvel Universe)

Even though Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes of all time, there are not a lot of Spidey cosplayers. Our man Daniel definitely crafted the suit right and this photo looks like a movie poster!

Daryl Dixon (from The Walking Dead)

Daryl is one of the favorite characters from AMC’s TV show The Walking Dead and it’s hard to imagine him without his crossbow. GrimmboneZ did a great job and he looks as badass as the character!

Robin (from DC Comics)

Robin is known as Batman’s sidekick with a tragic backstory but Daniel proved that Robin can do quite well on his own.

Skeletor (from Masters of the Universe)

Everyone knows Skeletor at least from a meme. He is a villain and He-Man’s archenemy. We love this cosplay and it definitely looks perfect. Skeletor is just one perfect character to cosplay!

Daredevil (from Marvel Comics)

Daredevil is definitely a Marvel character which deserves more recognition than he currently receives. He has a strict moral code and he definitely one of the best heroes available right not.

The Joker (from DC Universe)

This unique spin on the Joker character is amazing and we love GrimmboneZ’ imagination and creativity. Whoever took this photo deserves an applause.

Gambit (from Marvel Universe)

Gambit appears related to various characters and he can be often seen working together with X-Men. This is definitely a perfect cosplay and he gets to see a professional, accurate cosplay on display. Keep up the good work!

Voldemort (from Harry Potter series)

Voldemort or The One Who Shall Not Be Named is definitely an appealing character to cosplayers or at least the ones who can get his makeup right. Here we can see him hanging out with his loyal servant, Bellatrix Lestrange.

Deadpool (from Marvel Universe)

Deadpool never takes crime too seriously and he is kicking ass as always; this time with a gun! Nonetheless, his costume was extremely difficult to craft and the end product looks so amazing!

The Flash (from Marvel Universe)

The Flash is the fastest man alive but he was okay for standing still for a minute for this photo to be taken.


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