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Portrait of a cosplayer : Kenneth “Lilaeroplane” Cosplay


Portrait of a cosplayer : Kenneth “Lilaeroplane” Cosplay


Sexy male cosplayers are a new trend in the cosplaying industry and they have definitely brought some fresh air in this business with their fit bodies and new character we haven’t seen before by the female community. They deserve as much attention and coverage as sexy female cosplayers so let’s see what Kenneth Cosplay is all about!


Kenneth “Lilaeroplane” comes from Singapore and his favorite hobbies include cosplaying and gaming. He works at Universal Studios Singapore as a performer and he freelances as a model. He is a major anime fan and a hardcore gamer. His favorite games include League of Legends, Counter Strike, World of Warcraft and Overwatch. Let’s check out his best cosplays.

Deadpool (from Marvel Universe)

Deadpool is everyone’s favorite anti-hero and he has become the most popular Marvel character over the last couple of years with his own video game and a movie. This cosplay is amazing because of its accuracy and Kenneth’s posture.

Kakashi Hatake (from Naruto)

Kakashi Hatake is one of Konoha’s most talented ninjas and he is one of the most popular characters from this amazing anime. Kenneth is a big fan and he nailed this one!

Spiderman (from Marvel Universe)

Kenneth himself has claimed that this is his favorite cosplay so far and he hired a great photographer to take photos and edit them amazingly. We love these photos so much!

Harley Quinn (from Suicide Squad)

Cosplaying female characters is never easy but it’s safe to say that Kenneth looks like a perfect male Harley Quinn. We are now waiting for the perfect female Joker to join along.

Nicolas Brown (from GANGSTA.)

Nicolas Brown is one of the main protagonists of this anime. He has short spiky black hair and he is quite muscular. This photoshoot is amazing and Kenneth’s body looks more than perfect!

Vega (from Street Fighter franchise)

Vega is a Spanish character who looks awesome and mysterious and he has developed a unique fighting style. This cosplay looks more than perfect and Kenneth could definitely star in a new Street Fighter movie.

Dante (from Devil May Cry series)

Dante is an awesome character from an awesome game and it’s clear to see that Kenneth made an effort with this cosplay. He wore it to Debut Gamestart 2015.

Lee Sin (from League of Legends)

League of Legends is one of Kenneth’s favorite games and it was a matter of time before a perfect LoL cosplay appeared on this list. Lee Sin looks awesome!

Marshall Law (from Tekken series)

We wonder whether Kenneth is an awesome fighter in real life because this photo definitely makes him look like one. This is a perfect Tekken cosplay and we are hoping to see more.

Makoto Tachibana (from Free!)

We saved an amazing anime character for last. Enjoy!


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Portrait of a cosplayer : Kenneth “Lilaeroplane” Cosplay

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