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Portrait of a cosplayer: Mayumi Cosplay


Portrait of a cosplayer: Mayumi Cosplay


Creativity and a lot of effort are what make a perfect cosplayer. Every costume needs to be made perfectly and it needs to have its soul.


Mayumi is a gorgeous cosplayer who is started cosplaying around 2011 and she has been the Belgian group representant for the sixth season ECG. Her favorite characters for cosplays are usually inspired by anime, manga, and video games. Let’ see what her cosplays are all about!

Shimakaze (from Kancolle)

Shimakaze is such a cute little character and cosplayers have noticed it resulting in a large number of cosplays inspired by it. This is definitely one of the best we have seen so far.

Seth Nightroad (from Trinity Blood)

Seth Nightroad is a vampire and the costume for this character is definitely complex and difficult. However, our Mayumi managed to pull it off and make it look sexier than ever by looking so powerful and wielding these amazing swords!

Gotokai (from Touken Ranbu)

Stuffed animals are always a nice addition to any cosplay and Mayumi looks so cute in this formal outfit with her short skirt surrounded by stuffed puppies.

Kurogitsune (from Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino)

We recommend this set of visual novels to anyone, especially if you were as amazed by this cosplay as we were. Mayumi almost looks like a geisha in this white and red outfit with an umbrella.

Yoshiwara Shiro (from ADEKAN)

Red and white mix in this photo looks amazing in front of this monochromatic background. We love how this photo looks so artistic yet so sexy at the same time.

Matoi Ryuko (from Kill la Kill)

Kill la Kill is definitely a goldmine for cosplayers from all around the world and it seems like Mayumi may also draw new fans to the anime with this amazing cosplay.

Cleaning Rivaille (from Shingeki no Kyoujin)

It’s amazing to see just how well Mayumi can transform from one cosplay to another and it seems like we have never seen her true face considering how good her transforming skills are.

Asuna (from Sword Art Online)

Visual novel characters are generally tougher for cosplayers because visual novel designers have no physical limitations when they design their characters. However, Mayumi managed to pull off Asuna from this amazing novel called Sword Art Online.

Kamui (from Gintama)

This is definitely one of the most stunning pictures Mayumi has ever featured on the Internet and the photo is so powerful beyond comprehension. Just enjoy this amazing mix of colors inspired by an amazing manga.

Kijima Matako (from Gintama)

This particular costume is self-made and it features dual-wielding Mayumi looking as sexy as ever in this pink Kijima cosplay.


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