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Portrait of a Cosplayer: It’s Raining Neon (DeAnna Davis)


Portrait of a Cosplayer: It’s Raining Neon (DeAnna Davis)


What does it take to be a great cosplayer? Well, first of all, your costume crafting skills need to be off the hook and you need to be creative. Also, you need to have the passion for what you do and you shouldn’t be afraid of showing it. Let’s see how DeAnna managed to become one of our favorite cosplayers!


DeAnna is such as talented cosplayer, makeup artist, model, photographer, stylist, etc. She has been using her amazing skills for eight years and she has definitely made a name out of herself. She is from the United States and we can’t wait to show you what she’s all about!

Poison (from Street Fighter)

Poison is a Street Fighter character and DeAnna managed to pull off her fierce and seductive look. She is wearing iconic white low-cut top, mini-short and red high heels.

Poison Ivy – (from DC Comics)

Poison Ivy cosplays always are always a surprise with the amazing design cosplayer come up with! DeAnna’s entire body is green along with a green leaf dress and a sexy red-colored hair. The entire photo is just a work of art!

Green Arrow (from DC Universe)

Green Arrow is an awesome DC superhero and DeAnna’s cosplay is 100%  accurate with the eye mask, a hood, and a green costume. We love gender-bent cosplays!

D.Va (from Overwatch)

D.Va is a favorite Overwatch character for most cosplayers and there are a lot of cosplays related to it. This one is simply adorable with her complex costume and it almost looks like Overwatch’s promotional poster!

Gordon Freeman (from Half Life)

While everyone is waiting for Half Life 3, DeAnna has decided to treat us with this amazing Gordon Freeman cosplay. He is the main protagonist and the cosplay is amazing.

Red Hood (from Batman Arkham Knight DLC)

This photo is definitely one of the most powerful ones featuring It’s Raining Neon. Everything related to Batman usually looks dark, mysterious, and awesome!

Jinx! – The Loose Cannon (from League of Legends)

Jinx is one of the most popular League of Legends champions and it’s definitely because of cosplays like this one. It looks awesome, accurate, sexy, and mesmerizing all at the same time because of the sheer amount of details on display.

Spider Gwen (from Marvel Universe)

Spider Gwen is an alternate universe where Gwen is bitten by a radioactive spider and she becomes Spider-Woman on Earth 65. Her eyes look amazing in this picture!

Ezio (from Assassin’s Creed Revelations)

Ezio is probably the most beloved Assassin of them all and he is beautifully portrayed by DeAnna. She armor and the costume look so perfect and we love the quality of the photo on display. We will never forget his charisma!

Misty (from Pokemon)

It’s Raining Neon claims that this cosplay is so simple but it has quickly become one of her favorites. We think it’s very adorable and she looks cuter than ever!


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Portrait of a Cosplayer: It’s Raining Neon (DeAnna Davis)

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