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Portrait of a cosplayer: Skyy Sia


Portrait of a cosplayer: Skyy Sia


The cosplaying community is a friendly one indeed because they are all doing the same thing and they joined the industry in order to do what they do best and improve their cosplaying crafting skills. They learn from each other and they often team up in order to hang out and come up with awesome cosplays. Let’s check out Skyy Sia and his cosplays.


Skyy Sia’s real name is Sia Kong Yew and he is from Singapore. He is also a part of the cosplaying team which goes by the name of FLEX. Cosplay. He studied Science in UCD Ireland and he is currently working in his sector. He is also in a relationship and he is still active with his cosplays.

Cloud Strife (from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)

We love everything about this amazing Final Fantasy cosplay, especially his creative hairstyle and the makeup job he went through.

Dio Brando (from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders)

Skyy Sia is one fit cosplayer and he was able to show off his perfect muscles with this cosplay. The hairstyle is similar to the previous cosplay on the list but this time he looks quite masculine.

Adelheid Bernstein (from King of Fighters series)

We are not sure if this is a coincidence but it seems like Skyy is a big fan of blonde wigs and characters with blonde hair. This time his hair is straight.

Howl (from Howl’s Moving Castle)

Yes, it’s confirmed! Skyy loves going blonde for his cosplays and we wonder why doesn’t he simply dye his hair blonde to avoid the hassle.

Another Look at Dio Brando from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Seeing Skyy without his shirt is not rare but it’s always something amazing to witness especially from a female point of view.

Loki (from Marvel Universe)

It’s a general opinion that Loki deserves more screentime in his movies since he was played brilliantly by Tom Hiddleston. This cosplay is amazing on so many levels and there is no better way of wishing Merry Christmas to your fans than with a cosplay like this one.

Rukawa (from Slam Dunk)

Slam Dunk is such as amazing basketball-themed anime and Skyy’s cosplay team FLEX. Cosplay did a cosplay of the entire team. Here we see Rukawa getting ready for the game looking as serious as ever.

Haruka Nanase (from Free!)

Both Renn and Skyy from FLEX. Cosplay did a cosplay of Haruka Nanase so it’s up to you to decide who did it better. This photo is the morning after and it’s hard not to stare at their abs no matter who you are.

Another Photo of Skyy’s Haruka Cosplay

This photo features Skyy still in his Haruka cosplay giving mouth to mouth to Lilaeroplane. A lot of girls would love to be stuck on this deserted beach with them!

Skyy’s Mother as Ragyo Kiryuin (from Kill la Kill)

Let’s end the list with a cosplay from Skyy’s mother!


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