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Portrait of a cosplayer: Tali xoxo


Portrait of a cosplayer: Tali xoxo


New sexy cosplayers are joining the industry each day and it’s simply amazing to see just how much work they put into their costumes and their bodies in order to bring you the best possible experience. It’s worth following their work just to see what they will come up with next.


Tali xoxo is a sexy Canadian designer, cosplayer, model, and fitness trainer. She is also an experienced gamer and she just loves doing cosplays inspired by video games. She has her own website where you can catch up with everything she does and take a look at her portfolio. Enjoy her sexy cosplays!

Quiet (from Metal Gear Solid V)

Metal Gear franchise is definitely one of the most successful ones among gamers and it has given birth to many interesting characters. This cosplay is so awesome it deserves an entire article about it. Tali is just sexy!

Tracer (from Overwatch)

Overwatch characters have always been appealing to cosplayers and Tali decided to do an amazing photoshoot with her Tracer cosplay. Photos look so amazing it’s hard to believe she is so beautiful.

Zelda (from Legend of Zelda)

Tali decided to dress up as Princess Zelda and she definitely pulled this cosplay off. We are not sure but it seems that she is way out of Link’s league.

2B (from NieR: Automata)

2B is just an amazing character to cosplay because of her detailed costume and her posture. Tali did an amazing job and she even made the character way sexier than in the game.

Supergirl (from DC Comics)

Tali is all about her eyes with this amazing Supergirl outfit. The costume looks simple enough but it’s her amazing beauty which caught our eye with this one.

Poison Ivy (from DC Universe)

Out of all Poison Ivy cosplays we have seen, this one holds a special place in our hearts because of the fact that everything about it looks perfect; her hair, her tiny costume, and her green body showing how fit she actually is.

Cammy (from Street Fighter franchise)

As soon as you see a Cammy cosplay, you know you are in for a treat because it takes an amazing body to even try to cosplays her and Tali definitely has an amazing one.

Black Cat (from Marvel Universe)

Black Cat is just a sexy Marvel character and Tali knows how to build on that sexiness with her own.

Millia Rage (from Guilty Gear)

Millia is a character from the fighting game called Guilty Gear. She is an assassin who uses her magical hair as her weapon of choice. Tali definitely made an accurate costume and ginger is definitely her color.

Emma Frost (from Marvel Comics)

Emma Frost in a character often associated with Marvel’s X-Men and she is also known as the White Queen. Enjoy Tali’s beauty and sexiness!

 Picture credit

Main: Picture source    –     Cosplayer     –    Photographer  or Instagram

Quiet: Picture source    –     Cosplayer     –   Photographer

Tracer: Picture source  –     Cosplayer     –   Photographer

Zelda: Picture source    –     Cosplayer     –   Photographer 

2B:      Picture source    –     Cosplayer

Supergirl: Picture source   –   Cosplayer  –   Photographer

PoisonIvy: Picture source  –   Cosplayer  –   Photographer

Cammy: Picture source      –   Cosplayer  –   Photographer

BlackCat: Picture source    –    Cosplayer 

MilliaRage: Picture source –    Cosplayer  –  Photographer

EmmaFrost: Picture source –   Cosplayer  – Photographer

Cosplayer : FB –  Instagram  – DeviantartWebsite


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