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Pugoffka – Cosplayer and Photographer


Pugoffka – Cosplayer and Photographer


Cosplaying and photography cannot go without each other because cosplayers will always need photography in order to make themselves more popular among their audience. It goes without saying that photographers need to invest a lot of hard work in order to receive high-quality photos in the end.


Pugoffka is a very creative cosplayer and a photographer from Kiev, Ukraine. She is participating in a lot of cons as a judge, special guest, and cosplayer. She has over 450 cosplay photo shoots under her belt and many gorgeous cosplays! She is an amazing cosplayer and brilliant photographer but for this article, we will focus on her cosplay skills!


ID Cosplay

This mesmerizing photo definitely deserves to be featured on Pugoffka’s list of top cosplays because of the fact that she did everything perfectly. Her hair, makeup, and costume are all so beautiful and it’ hard to find a single flaw.

Chizuru Kirishiki (from Shiki)

Chizuru Kirishiki is one of the main characters from the anime called Shiki. She is a vampire who prefers feeding on younger men. This Pugoffka’s cosplay is so magical and so realistic, it shows that she is as talented in front of the camera as behind it!

Oichi (from Sengoku BASARA)

Oichi made her debut as a playable character in Sengoku BASARA 2 Heroes. She is a tragic woman with superpowers and Pugoffka managed to display all of that with her amazing costume.

Something About Me (Demonic Original Concept)

This is such an amazing cosplay and she really invested a lot of effort into making her appearance as spooky as possible with her white outfit, skin, and black hair.

Sansui Kanagi (from Opera Novels)

Sansui Kanagi from Opera Novels was so accurately and nicely portrayed by Pugoffka in her hand-made costume. We love the amazing settings for the photo as well as her overall appearance.

Mura (from The Bride of the Water God)

Mura is in love with Habaek but that love is not returned. This photo is so powerful and it features Pugoffka with a tattoo over hey eye smoking a pipe looking amazing!

Superbi Squalo (from Reborn)

Superbia Squalo is the second Sword Emperor and second-in-command of the elite Varia assassination squad. The cosplay is perfect and features Pugoffka in long black boots with a black and white winter outfit and white hair.

Wind Kami (Original Concept)

Even Pugoffka mentioned that this is one of her all-time favorite photos of herself. The shades of gray and white look so powerful and Pugoffka is cosplaying as a wind spirit, looking magical.

Shinigami with his Kitsune

Shinigami is a god or spirit of death and it’s featured across the Japanese culture. Kitsune is his minion but the word literally translated to “fox”. This cosplay is simply a treat for a sore eye.


Kami-sama is a Japanese word for deity and it appears in a lot of different stories and shows. The photo is magical and it looks perfect.

Be sure to check out her amazing photography skills ➣ Here

Picture credit 

Main: Picture sourceCosplayerPhotographer

ID: Picture sourceCosplayer – Photography by Nimnul

Chizuru: Picture sourceCosplayer – Photography by VIOLET

Oichi: Picture sourceCosplayerPhotographer

Demonic: Picture sourceCosplayer – Photography by YamiRoss

Sansui: Picture sourceCosplayer – Photography by Igor Anisimov

Mura: Picture sourceCosplayer – Photography by Sergey Svidro

Superbi: Picture sourceCosplayerPhotographer 

Wind: Picture sourceCosplayer – Photography by Dmitriy Orlov

Shinigami: Picture sourceCosplayer 1 -Tsumentai-Yuki as Kitsune – Photography by Dmitriy Orlov

Kamisama: Picture source Cosplayer – Photography by Dmitriy Orlov

Cosplayer Websites: DeviantArtFacebookVK TwitterInstagramWebsite ✯




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