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Re-ignite your Work Out and DC Passion with a New Fashion Line


Re-ignite your Work Out and DC Passion with a New Fashion Line


Working out on a regular basis has its rewards, yes, but so does feeling super bold when you hit the treadmill – and sometimes, a new outfit is just the key to inspire you to head to the gym with a little extra needed oomph.

What better way to infuse some added sass in your workout regime then amping up your wardrobe to match the DC Comic goddess herself, Wonder Woman.

With this powerfully sexy femme theme in mind, it’s no wonder that Nuyu, a fashion brand inspired “to connect women by empowering them to wear their passion, boldly or discreetly,” has created a sports wear line dedicated to the Amazonian brunette, Wonder Woman.

These playful, yet entirely functional fashion pieces, were designed with the iconic studio Warner Brothers and in conjunction with the upcoming release of the Wonder Woman film, due to open in the U.S.A. on June 2nd.

While being designed, this athletics line took a moodier, edgier look and feel than the classic Wonder Woman we have always known and devotedly loved.

Yes, the definitive beauty and power warrior evoked a sense of strength in her red, gold, white, and blue outfit; however, new times call for sleeker designs.

With this streamlined feel in mind, the “updated” Wonder Woman we will see on screen is played by Israeli born model, Gal Gadot.

Gadot, who oozes a vulnerable, yet intoxicatingly powerful allure will play the Amazonian princess wearing gold and black, while sending smoldering looks of, “Oh no you didn’t” at enemies.

It’s important to remember that before Wonder Woman was the indestructible force we all know her as, she was the princess Diana (a well trained warrior).

In the film, she leaves her home to fight a war and much like the rest of us, while she goes through this epic battle of life, she ultimately discovers herself and her true strength. Hence showcasing the Amazonian princess in an edgier look seems quite suitable.

Inspired by this new feel to DC’s iconic character, the spandex fashion showcases items that would appeal to almost anyone who loves a little extra spice in their sweat session. From gold emblazoned prints on sports bras to gladiator princess leggings, someone is sure to find something that will peak their interest.

While the new version of Wonder Woman is irrefutably kick ass, there will always be an irreverent love of the original most grew up with.

Perhaps on this journey into the modern age, there needs to be room for play, alteration, and new looks to reignite the public’s interest in the DC universe. As an audience, we can now not only enjoy the old and new comic visuals, we also get to join in the fun, and wear the items, too.

main picture  : Wallpaper Abyss

Wonder Woman Items: Nuyu Wonder Woman Line

Original Wonder Woman: JD Hancock



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