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‘Tis the Season to Spring into Cosplay Sexiness


‘Tis the Season to Spring into Cosplay Sexiness


According to the calendar, the first day of spring is just days away! So even if you look outside and still see ice and snow…no need to despair. There’s no denying it my friends, spring is just around the corner 🙂

Spring is notoriously a time for renewal, regrowth and generally just shaking off the cobwebs of winter. So how do you plan to mark the occasion? Dust off your old standbys and just get on with it? Nah. We can do better, cosplayers! Sometimes we get caught up in a cosplay cycle of the same games and characters. Now, of course, there’s nothing wrong with our tried and true favorites. However, often we need something new to spark some much-needed excitement and break us out of our winter shell.

Here are some fun things to try that will most definitely make your springtime a little greener, a little sexier and definitely way more fun than winter 😉

Spring Themed Cosplay Costumes

Think you can’t pull off a seasonally themed costume? Think again.

Springtime Fairy

This one is for all for all the faerie lovers out there. Get yourself a new pair of ears, a sensual green costume complete with leaves and flowers, adorn your wings with butterflies and dew drops and you’re good to go!

Good/Bad Bunny

Let’s face it, bunnies may just be the most sexualized animal out there. Cats are probably a close second but for the purpose of springtime, bunnies are your #1 goto sexy animal. You can be a cute, fluffy white good bunny or a naughty sexy bunny, the choice is yours!

Mother Earth

She’s the creator of the nature that surrounds us and she walks the line between a delicate, fragile beauty and a supreme, ruthless power. What could be hotter than that?

Naughty Leprechaun

What better way to celebrate St-Patrick’s Day? These mythical creatures are technically fairies but they also know how to get their sexy on, at the end of the rainbow 😉

Green Cosplay Characters

Now maybe none of the above strike your fancy. No problem…how about just honoring the color of spring; GREEN! There are so many amazing green characters, you’re sure to find one that speaks to you.

                             Here are a few sexy options


Everyone’s go to strong man…because strong is always sexy!


Cute, quirky and definitely sexy if you’re into furries 😉

Green Lantern

You can’t go wrong with a Justice League character!

Poison Ivy

A powerful seductress that epitomizes nature and sexiness.

And for our hard hard core anime fans…maybe a little green hair mixed in with some brand new shibari ropes are more your style 😉 The reality is, that no matter which direction your cosplay style leans, you’re sure to be able to spruce up some springtime fun into your tried and true routines. So let loose; reinvent your cosplay self and your sex life with it!

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