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Tomia Cosplay – Face of an angel


Tomia Cosplay – Face of an angel


There are a couple of things everyone should remember if they want to become cosplayers one day. Cosplayers aren’t born in a day. Everything in your life will lead you to the point where you want to become one, such as watching a lot of different shows and imagining yourself in similar scenarios. Also, always be consistent and be yourself!


Tomia is beautiful cosplayer from South Korea who left the Spiral Cats Team back in 2012 and continue her solo career in cosplaying. She is now independent and quite active on the cosplaying scene with her charming brown eyes and brown hair. Let’s see what her cosplays are all about.

Anna (from Frozen)

Frozen cosplays definitely hold quite a special place in our hearts and cosplayers always end up so beautiful and charming. This cosplay is no exception and Tomia looks so cute and the photo is so magical!

Belle (from Beauty and the Beast)

Belle is another Disney princess who falls in love with the Beast and she is the definition of beauty in this particular photo. This yellow dress suits her well and we love everything about this cosplay.

Ranger (from Aion)

Tomia has mentioned on several occasions that she is a die-hard Aion fan and this cosplay is definitely one of her personal favorites. She pulled off his outfit and his bow and she looks both deadly and cute.

Cinderella (inspired by Disney)

Tomia definitely looks like a major fan of Disney princesses so maybe someone should treat her like one! This cosplay is magical and the whole photo looks like a screenshot from a Disney movie.

Elsa (from Frozen)

It seemed unfair for us to feature Anna from Frozen and to leave out Elsa, the main protagonist of the Disney’s popular animated movie. Enjoy this amazing photo and her amazing, mesmerizing appearance with a blue dress and blonde hair.

Hatsune Miku (from Vocaloid)

Hatsune Miku is one of the most popular voices on this popular voice synthesizing app and she has become one of the most cosplayed Vocaloid characters. Tomia is so cute in this outfit!

Ezreal (from League of Legends)

Ezreal is an explorer of Runeterra and he possesses an amulet of incredible mystical power. This cosplay is great and Tomia definitely has some great photo editors!

Gon (from Blade & Soul)

This descendant of an ancient dragon looks like a great character to cosplay and Tomia did her job more than well.

Lulu (from League of Legends)

League of Legends is a gold mine of different characters available to cosplayers and then you have various skins and fan art making this mine impossible to exhaust. This Lulu cosplay is perfect and the job on the photo can be considered art.

Popstar Ahri (from League of Legends)

Popstar Ahri skin is so popular and it’s obvious to see why after you have seen Tomia’s cosplay…

 Picture credit

Main: Picture sourceCosplayer

Anna: Picture sourceCosplayerPhotographer

Belle: Picture source CosplayerPhotographer

Ranger: Picture sourceCosplayerPhotographer 

Cinderella: Picture source Cosplayer – Photography by K.Roel

Elsa: Picture sourceCosplayerPhotographer

Miku: Picture source Cosplayer

Ezreal: Picture sourceCosplayer

Gon: Picture sourceCosplayer – Photography by K.Roel

Lulu: Picture sourceCosplayer -Photography by K.Roel

Ahri: Picture sourceCosplayer – Photography by K.Roel

Cosplayer Websites: CosplayWikiaFacebookBlogInstagramTwitterWorldCosplay ✯


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