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The World’s Most Insane Comic Cons


The World’s Most Insane Comic Cons


Think about the beautiful start of July: the birds singing, the sun shining, and of course, it’s the start of comic con season.

Fans of comics, video games, anime, and all things geek can look forward to these upcoming months. Some of the world’s most insane conventions occur at this time.

Today, let’s take a look at the best comic cons in the world. These include events with high profile celebrities, great cosplay, and hype for upcoming shows and games.

Continue reading to learn why these conventions separate themselves from others across the globe.

4. New York Comic Con

Ready for the largest Comic Con in North America?

It occurs in the heart of New York. As of 2014, more than 150,000 people have attended this convention. How could one not set their sights on New York Comic Con? With venues unlike any other, this event creates an appeal of its own.

Getting to the event in of itself, is part of the experience. In 2014, Uber featured a Sonic Boom themed car to shuttle guests to the event. The car was painted with characters from Sega’s iconic franchise. What better way to arrive at the ultimate geek culture event than in an Itasha featuring a video game mascot everyone recognizes?

For those interested in cars and food, the Fantasy Food truck paints characters from various cartoon franchises. Even better, the food is themed after each series. Here, fans will find Steven Universe Cookie Cats, Fallout Nuka-Cola, Gravity Falls Mabel Juice, among much more.

Of course, this is just the outside of the event. The main attractions lie inside.

This year’s guests include some of the biggest names in the worlds of comic books and voice acting. Daredevil artist Alex Maleev is set to make an appearance along with Jem and the Hologram’s comic book artist, Jen Bartel. For a full list of guest appearances, check here.

As far as entertainment guests, expect to see actor Mark Hamill (Voice of Deadpool), Nathan Drake Nolan North, as well as Ryan Hurst (Sons of Anarchy’s). Other talents include the gifted voice actress, Tara Strong, as well as voice actors, Troy Baker and Vic Mignogna.

However, the biggest name on the list is easily William Shatner. You will not want to miss a chance to meet this cultural icon. Afterall, this is the man who played the original Captain Kirk for 28 years.

The fun does not end with the guests. Each year, the panels bring surprises of their own. How could anyone forget the Tales of TARDIS panel with Doctor Who actors Matt Smith, Alex Kingston, and Jenna Coleman from 2016? Interacting with these celebrities brings a sense of realism to the actors.


And the fun doesn’t stop there, it continues with sponsored events just outside the New York Comic Con.

Last year featured a burlesque show from Comic Con Vixens. This burlesque group parodies all things geek. This includes dance routines with themes from the X-Men, Stranger Things, and many more series.

If burlesque is not your thing, then the GBX Electric Underground should catch your attention. Last year, this event featured local DJs forming electronic remixes to themes of anime and video games. Even better, some A-List artists from Asia arrived. Former Kpop Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung performed a sample of her new album. Meanwhile, DJ Taku Takahashi also made an appearance. If you appreciate music, consider checking for details on similar events.

3. San Diego Comic Con

What places San Diego Comic Con above New York Comic Con? The answer includes the zany celebrity antics at panels.

One of the best examples occurred at a 2010 panel for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Director Edgar Wright invited lucky guests to watch the actual film that night, before it debuted in theaters. The trip to the movies also included a trip with some of the stars, including Michael Cera. The best part of this experience was the surprise. No guest knew they would receive the trip to the film’s premier.

Some other fun antics include Andrew Garfield walking around the convention in a Spider Man costume, and Mark Ruffalo debuted himself as the Hulk for The Avengers in 2010. 

The great part of this event, is that you never know what to expect. Creators and stars are always waiting to surprise fans with something new. Therefore, fans can expect just about anything.

What is known for this year? Fans of the SyFy will be happy to learn that the network is hosting a variety of panels. The star of the panels is a Battlestar Galactica reunion. Guests can also expect panels for The Expanse, The Magicians, Van Helsing, Wynonna Earp, Blood Drive, and many others.

With Marvel and DC in attendance, we can also expect footage from upcoming films. This includes Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, and possibly Avengers: Infinity War. From the DC side, expect trailers for Justice League and Aquaman.

Of course, new content comes from most creators and developers present. July 21st is confirmed to reveal new content for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. So, fans of these popular franchises can expect some news of their favorite shows and graphic novels.

Latest toy lineups are also common at these conventions. This year, expect a convention exclusive Funk Pop Chocolate Majin Buu figure. Other exclusives include an eight piece Kingdom Hearts figure set, only available at San Diego Comic Con. For more exclusive information, check the official SDCC blog.

Who could forget the special guests this year? For many attendees, celebrity guests are the reason for attending comic cons. This year will not disappoint. Legendary writer, Stan Lee is scheduled to make an appearance. Other guests include Marvel writers, Sonny Liew and Marjorie Liu. Of course, many others are scheduled to appear as well. So, check the official site’s special guests page.

2. Montreal Comic Con

Are you hyped for the upcoming comic cons? Then get ready for this weekend’s Montreal Comic Con. The convention occurs from July 7th- July 9th. As with other comic cons, MTLCC will feature some of the greatest names in the world of comic books, video games, and film.

Montreal Comic Con is never a forgettable event. From Twitter Feuds to amazing guests, the fun never ends. So, what can we expect this year?

The guests steal the spotlight. In fact, the guests at MTLCC act as some of the best a comic con will see all year. The big star includes Patrick Stewart. Yes, you read that right, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Professor Xavier himself, will be a special guest. You will not want to miss your opportunity to meet this acclaimed actor.

Some other names that stand out on the list include David Tennant from Doctor Who,  Nathan Fillion (Castle’s), Kevin Eastman (creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) , as well as actor Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett).

Some of cosplay’s best will arrive as well. LeeAnna Vamp and Leon Chiro are both scheduled as special guests. These cosplayers design top-quality works; eager fans of the hobby can count on some amazing costumes from these two.

The best part about the special guests involves the interaction with them. Fans see that these celebrities are truly human. Sometimes, they even create some great quotes. Who could forget Jessica Nigri’s inspirational MTLCC quote from last year, “If people are saying bad shit about you, it means they are wasting their precious time talking about you. You win.”

 With 60,000 people in attendance, we can happily expect some fun panels as well.

For gamers, the Watch Dogs 2 Motion Capture team will be in attendance. Also, esports tournaments will occur. Games include Counter Strike, League of Legends, and Overwatch for a prize of $5000.

Music fans will also hear some unique songs. Heavy Rock band Okilly Dokilly will perform at the Nerdstock Concert on July 7th. For people who prefer a more classic sound, Film Music Wind Orchestra will perform concerts on each day. Soundtracks include Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Doctor Who.

Otaku are not excluded from the fun. Some panel games include a “name that tune” of anime themes. Fans also organize their own panels for different series and toys. Lastly, screenings of anime films will occur on all three days. The movies will span most genres, so most people will find something they like.

Lastly, history buffs gain a panel for themselves as well.

This year, Montreal Comic Con is adding an All Roads Lead to Rome event. This will include contests with an indoor arena. Performing artists will also provide a nice show. This is great news for anyone planning on wearing an ancient Roman costume.

Montreal Comic Con offers something for everyone. Thus, do not miss out on the fun. Join the convention from Friday, July 7th – Sunday, July 9th. You will not want to miss any of these great events.

1. Comiket (Tokyo Japan)

And drum roll, here is the number one on our list: Japan’s Comiket.

Comiket easily wins over other comic conventions in the world; with more than 550,000 people in attendance over the course of three days, no other comic con draws half the amount of attendees.

In fact, think of the population in these terms. So many people stand in one area that man-made clouds form. Locals dub this as the Comiket Cloud. This results from the sweat of so many people in a large crowd mixing with air conditioning. With attendance rates growing so quickly, some people are even anticipating an Otaku rain.

If you do not believe us about the attendance rates, check out the video below—yes, those are people in those lines.

What draws so many people to central Tokyo?

Part of the attraction includes some of Japan’s greatest artists. They all gather to sell doujinshi, which are self-published manga and novels. That means most works seen at this event is made from local artists. Even better, doujinshi are rarely reprinted. So, the items purchased at Comiket can sell for 10 times their purchased price.

However, with so many people in attendance, you will be waiting in lines for long periods of time. In some cases, fans will wait hours to buy their favorite works or meet the artists.

Of course, waiting in lines is not a terrible experience, as most attendees cosplay. In fact, some of Japan’s best cosplayers gather to display their work.

Cosplayer Enako earns more than $100,000 in two days at this convention. This kind of income resulted from selling photo collages and signing autographs. She also earns money from her numerous sponsors. For skilled cosplayers, this is the perfect opportunity to market their best work.

Comiket is hosted two times a year: once in the summer and once in winter. Tokyo Big Sight acts as the venue for this event. This means public transportation will be a requirement for most people, since nearby parking doesn’t exist. This is in the center of Tokyo, so finding a nearby shuttle stop isn’t a difficult task. Comiket even created guides for people visiting from abroad.

The next Comiket will occur from Aug 11th-Aug 13th. Anyone visiting Tokyo will not want to miss this event. Who knows, you might even witness the first Otaku rain shower.

Final thoughts

Comic cons are awesome. They bring a variety of unique people and interests together into one community; people from all tracks of life attend these conventions. What better way to geek out than by wearing costumes of your favorite characters and meeting your favorite celebrities, and all the while,  surrounded by a bunch of like-minded buddies.

While every fan of geek culture must visit the above conventions at-least once in their life, attending any listed convention will be a fun experience. Forget what others think—create your best cosplay, and feel the hype of seeing reveals for your favorite series.


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