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Yaya Han – Talented and Sexy


Yaya Han – Talented and Sexy


A sexy cosplayer is definitely a treat for a sore eye, especially if they are cosplaying some of your favorite characters. They even manage to take any characters and make them interesting drawing a new audience towards a show or a game. Let’s meet a gorgeous and skilled cosplayer!


Yaya Han is a beautiful cosplayer, costume designer, and an artistic model who currently lives and works in the United States. She managed to do what she loves and make a living out of it and you will notice how creative and sexy she is. Enjoy some of her best photos!

Medusa (from Marvel’s Inhumans)

Marvel characters are always so appealing to cosplayers since each character design is unique and special. Yaya Han used her seductive figure to correctly cosplay Medusa from Marvel’s Inhumans and she should definitely feel proud!

Dark Elf (from Lineage 2)

There is definitely no better cosplayer to pull of this Dark Elf costume than Yaya Han. We definitely adore her staff which looks so magical and real. The makeup and the hairstyle are also unmatched!

Faye Valentine (from Cowboy Bebop)

Cowboy Bebop was Yaya Han’s favorite anime when she was younger and she decided to do a cosplay of Faye Valentine, a wanter bounty head from the anime. She looks perfect and she definitely looks as lovely as ever!

Eliza (from Tekken 7)

Eliza is an exclusive character available in the DLC for Tekken 7 and Yaya Han might just make us purchase the game and the DLC. She looks stunning in her red corset!

Camilla (from Fire Emblem)

This Camilla cosplay made by Yaya Han is so authentic it’s hard to believe. We are definitely in love with this shade of her hair and the costume actually looks like a screenshot from the game.

Jessica Rabbit (from Who framed Roger Rabbit)

Jessica Rabbit was sensual even as a cartoon character but this cosplay really makes us believe that reality is actually much better. Yaya Han can definitely match the requirements needed for the costume and give it a magic touch.

Catwoman (from Batman: Arkham Asylum)

There are only a couple of cosplayers who can definitely pull off a Catwoman cosplay and Yaya Han is definitely one of them. It’s amazing to see just how perfect her body looks in this costume with a powerful look and a whip!

Kitana (from Mortal Kombat X)

Kitana is an immortal character from an immortal franchise called Mortal Kombat. She definitely pulled off the character with a realistic costume and her piercing eyes!

Power Girl (from DC Universe)

This Power Girl costume is just perfect! Please enjoy!

Scarlet Witch (from Marvel Universe)

Yaya should have definitely been the inspiration for Scarlet Witch since she definitely knows how to pull her costume off while looking amazing!


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